Accounts Module

A strong transaction level multi-currency accounting solution that is specifically design from ground up for Travel and Tour Operations. Features such as Quotation/Proforma Invoicing for Hotels, Generating Invoice for tickets & Generating receipts for tickets while capturing all the details of passengers in both cases. Service Invoicing, Meet & Greet service invoicing. Managing of Proforma level/ quotation level receivable is unique feature that helps you to get a clear picture of receivable based on quotes/proforma sent.

+ Fully integrated with Reservations Module,
+ Pick selling rates from rate sheets when preparing invoices
+ Pick buying rates from Hoteaccounts – Single entry through out the system.
+ Multi-currency, Multi-Divisional, Multi-Company
+ Accouns Payable
+ Accounts Receivable
+ General Ledger
+ Journals
+ Contra
+ Trial Balance
+ Customization P&L
+ Customizable Balance Sheet

+ Accounts receivable (AR) facilitates efficient management of receivable functions. Integration to rest of the areas allows staff working to manage AR to avoid redundant data entry..
+ Invoices to Customers/Tour Operators
+ Raising of Receipt for Invoices
+ Customer settlement to set off advance receipts against invoices raised.
+ Debit & Credit Notes.
+ Customer Statement.
+ Customer Outstanding.
+ Customer Age analysis.

+ Accounts payable (AP) facilitates efficient management of payable functions. Integration to rest of the areas allows staff working to manage AP to avoid redundant data entry..
+ Payment to Supplier
+ Manage Receivable Payments for the hotel bills and expenditure bills
+ Receipts can be raised for the invoices
+ Debit & Credit Notes
+ Supplier Settlement to settle advance against bills received
+ Outstanding Bills
+ Supplier Statement
+ Age analysis

+ Helping to run a more calculated business.
+ Budgeting – Planning, Allocation, Utilization
+ Automatically email outstanding receivables with age to the customers
+ Automatically email / SMS (Optional) important account related information to concerned people
+ Fix targets & achieve them