Back Office


Process requisitions from different outlet.
Good Receive Note and Good Issue Notes.
Managing damage items.
Short supply and good returns.
Periodical contracts for Tour operators/Companies.
Supports Multiple Stores.
Bincard Audit.
Item movement / supports purchase decisions.

Accounts Management:

Fully Integrated Acounts Management.
Manage Accounts Receivable.
Manage Accounts Payable.
General Ledger.
Bank and Cash.
Trial Balance.
Balance Sheet.

House Keeping:

In a world of hospitality and customer service innovation in every respect is of great significance. Is it possible to gift a Roman a room of Roman ambience while the next room may be that reflecting that on a Japanese culture? The tool defines ambience, its associates itself with the likes and the taste of the guest and inform the house keeping department on designing the ambience proper housekeeping conformation on the check out and monitors the movement making the tool gives the sense of punctuality, the guest would love.

Maintain inventory at house keeping
Cleaning and service schedule
Allow to track room consumptions and helps to uncomporpose cost cutting
Blocking and releasing rooms

Keeps all the records of Maintenance

Purchase management:

Speed, time and efficiency on implementation esure perfect costing and planned pruchase. This tool enables you to take quick decisions for procurements and the re-order level alerts is designed to allocate timie for planning the pruchase. The tool helps to prepare the costing within seconds..

Items rate/Sales analysis.
Purchase Order / Quotation Statements.
Monitoring of stock levels to ensure edequate supply to the needs of different outlets.
Managing Suppliers and their relationship.
Easy costing of purchased items.
Integrated into Accounts.