Fi-es Central Purchase Management System

In today’s competitive environment, automation of business processes has become a necessity to standardized performance. This facility helps to eliminate human errors and run the business more efficiently ultimately providing improved customer satisfaction. The package has being designed to be easily understood by the users. The software is also capable of generating various types of Reports which would be of great use to the management in decision making.
Following are the main modules of this software Solution:
· Manage items under different categories.
· Item Code gets automatically generated making it easier for you to manage a huge variety of items.
· Option of creating 3 levels of Selling Price for each item
· Maintain all the latest prices of different suppliers for selecting the cheapest when placing orders
· Store Purchase Management (foreign Purchase Management)
· Resort Requisition Management
· Manage all activities related to store
· Local Purchase processing.
· Dispatch Note Management
· Invoice Management
· Various management reports to easily manage the operations.