Fi-es Customer Relationship Management System

In an age where time is measured equivalent to money, every minute our employees spend counts. Having a sales team and asking them to perform without a CRM is like having highly paid cricket players playing cricket on the road. You need to have a proper ground and pitch for them to play cricket. Every company should facilitate an effficient way or a good platform for their sales team to deliver results. In other words it is important not just to have sales staff but also to have the right platform for sales staff to perform. Fi-es CRM fits in that platform space.With Fi-es CRM helping sales team you are assured of 30% more sales. Managers will be able to measure the performance of different members in the team. How they spend their time chasing possible business opportunities. or deals At the individual sales team member level you can forecast your weekly / monthly business build up.

Every company needs to do CRM — one way or another. No matter what the business or what size, every company has to manage their existing customer relationships better, make its products known to the market, find new customers who are willing to buy its products, and provide great customer service to stay in business.

With Fi-es customer relationship management solutions your organization can:

- Capitalize on customer insight by empowering marketing teams

- Improve front-line efficiency and effectiveness by getting more – and more accurate – information to your sales force faster

- Increase customer retention and loyalty by providing customer service employees with the information they need to meet or exceed customer expectations.


Fi-es CRM helps managing of contacts across a company. This saves enormouse amount of time for users maximizing the returns of your sales team and other employees.


Fi-es CRM aligns your Sales and Marketing by integrating sales with campaigns, leads, sales pipeline, forecasts


CRM empowers you to control the CRM data access based on users' job role in your organization hierarchy.


Fi-es CRM helps you to analyze sales & marketing trends and key CRM metrics by reports and dashboards. Drill down features allow you to quickly get to the source opportunities.


Easily run email campaigns using Fi-es CRM. It will allow you to select a customer group and sent personalize mails to all contacts in that group.