Fi-es Passenger Management System

Simple solution to know TRENDS, MARKETS, PASSENGERS. With this system you have all the information you need to negotiate with Airlines always.

Fi-es Passenger Information System is a simple to use system that can quickly capture information of ticketing passengers over the counter when issuing tickets. This helps ticketing agents to understand their customers by maintaining a complete database and all the related information such as their name, mobile number, address, telephone number, ticket number, destination, route, purpose of travel (market), cost break down, payment method, birthdate, anniversary date, etc. It also helps you to generate the statistics required by the Airline.

Key features

o Easily & quickly collect passenger information over the counter when issuing the ticket

o Know your customers to serve them better and generate recurring business.

o Know your customers travelling pattern.

o Automatically prepare statistics required by the Airlines.

o Customization based on different customer requirements.

o Track payment methods, Cash / Credit / Credit Card etc.