Front Office

Advance Booking & Front Office:

Reservations & Bookings services enables you to serve your customers even when they have not checked in. This tool helps to identify repeaters, their lieks and dislikes. The last time they checked in, birthdays, anniversaries, which would say, how you care for them. This tool helps as an add-on to the recurring revenues and on generating good will. The unique features of on-spot performance appraisal of tour operators/Companies with indicative graphical statistics is a spotlight. This robust tool does not over load the database, ensuring secure entries and avoid bottleneck as registration. It also helps managing all the front desk services.

Booking Requests from customers are validated by the system for allotment and confirmed.
Arrival/Departure forecasting and scheduling.
Handling No show/Cancellations.
Easy retrieval of reserved clients and reserved clients and registering them.
Automatic checking of clients history information while checking-in.
Periodical contracts for Tour operators/Companies.
Forecasting of occupancy helps to increase sales.
Checking / Checkout / Room Changes
Client handling and Arrival and Departure scheduling.
Easy and advance searches to find a person quickly.

Managing Outlet (F&B / Services):

Recipe Management
Inventory Management.
Integrated into Accounts.