Fi-es Products and Services

Fi-es provides software solutions to help businesses and organization to manage them efficiently. We have 4 comprehensive fully integrated software for the Hotel/Resorts, Retail Chain Management, Tours and Travel, and the Human Resource Management. Every Software Solution enables Customers, total control over their business.

Our solutions are comprehensive and will fit well to take care of all the functions in real-time. These systems will help customers to manage their business with minimum cost and maximum efficiency. Delivering less staff turnover and quickly making new resources productive.


- Hardware Stores
- Computers and Electronics
- Service Centers
- Supermarkets
- Pharmacies
- Book Shops
- Furniture Stores
- Restaurants
- High Volume Wholesale Trading Businesses
- Bonded Warehouse
- Trading Warehouses
- Travel Agents
- Tour Operators
- Government Institute
- Hotels & Resorts
- Resort Head Office located in City to manage central reservations and Accounts
- Central Purchasing departments of hotel Groups

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Customer Testimonial Video: Watch video of Muni Homecare Financial Controller explaining the reasons why they choose Fi-es Magnolia ERP -